Growing up in the 80ies, I was fascinated by synthesizers right from the beginning. Starting my own journey with a recorder as the typical first instrument, I finally ended up on keyboards. In my school time I had the pleasure to enjoy a lot of opportunities making music at the Gesamtschule-Schinkel in Osnabrück. Summer vacation was always special fun working with Cubase on my Atari ST with synthesizers I borrowed. After school I moved on to the PC using Cubasis VST and my Yamaha PSR-400. After gaining some money, the first device with top sound and high polyphony was then the Roland Sound Canvas SC-8850. Although the musician life stalled every then and now, the love to play music and write songs never ended. Still today I cannot stop to develop melodies and craft rhythmical lines/chords. Several years ago it started that I participate in a yearly get-together with a bigger group of friends and took over the task of doing the PA. First with a small rack of few rack units and a folding upwards rack mixer. Now this is a mobile full featured rack on rolls. Then one or two years later I started to look into lighting the event, to restage to a new level. So today I'm able to serve events with my equipment and enjoy if I can support a great show/party.